Sharing God's Message In Song

  "The Happy Singers"

   We Sing Because We’re Happy

and We’re Happy Because We Sing!


Thank you God for allowing us the privilege to go and share your word in song. Singing Praises to God Brings Joy to the Soul.

Continue to pray for "The Happy Singers" as we share the Gospel in song during 2015.

Check our calendar to see when we will be in your area and we hope to see you there. 

Song Written by Ray Alligood 

Wherever He Leads I'll Go

“The Happy Singers” consider it a pleasure to share God’s Word in song with anyone who ask us to come. We go without a promise of monetary consideration whatsoever. God always makes a way. For available booking dates view our Calendar of events and Contact information.

A man that stays in God's Word will stay in God's Will.



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